Some words
from our past interns

First of all I want to thank those responsible for the opportunity to be a part of this internship.
When I got accepted I couldn't believe it because I didn't have any previous working experience and as such I didn't feel confident enough in my knowledge.
During the internship I got to meet some really nice people and to improve both my soft and technical skills.

I personally enjoyed it so much I wish it lasted longer.
Alexandru (ASP.NET)

 The Internship was really great, especially the fact that I have learned a lot of new things in terms of .NET. The mentors have been focusing a lot on making sure we understand properly how to work with MVC regarding .NET Core. We equally developed our soft and technical skills.

Overall, it was a highly interesting experience, taking into account that we met new people who were always there to help us when needed.
Bogdan (ASP.NET)

Last year I was just trying to discover my path and I feel that at Expert Network I have found it. I've been through multiple internships before, while trying to find out what suits me best, and Expert Network got me.
This is the place I decided to start my full time career.
It was quite an experience since I started the internship. I enjoyed every moment of it and I'll tell you why: you get to laugh and learn and I didn't know before that these could go pretty well altogether.
I had the chance to meet great people here, highly skilled, that gladly shared their experience with us and from whom I continuously have a lot to learn.

Did I mention that we had a pretty big team of mentors just for us? Personal development is a value and it is encouraged here!
Raluca (ASP.NET)

During the internship, I have developed on every area that I have planned to from the beginning. So, I consider that Expert Network is a good place to start from scratch.
Cosmin (ASP.NET)

 It was an interesting experience! Starting from a group of complete strangers, we managed to create an united team. Seriousness and trust are the words that can describe the internship journey, our mentors being highly experienced people, both from technical and soft skills points of view.

I have learned quite a lot and I believe I am ready to continue the adventure.

 The internship experience was definitely a unique one. I have improved the skills required in terms of software development. I had amazing colleagues who have helped me and have given me the chance to learn a lot. The trainers have been understanding and patient, explaining a lot of concepts, both basic and advanced. Positive and relaxed ambience. 
Alexandru (ASP.NET)

The internship definitely helped me understand more about QA and what a software tester position involves. I had the opportunity to practice my knowledge and to learn a lot of new things while working on a big project.
The colleagues and mentors were friendly and provided explanations each time something was wrong or I was not understanding particular aspects. I'm glad that I took part in the internship and I certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a solid start for a future QA career.

Andreea (QA)

As others have already pointed out, being an intern at Expert Network has all the benefits of full-time employment – besides the learning experience, we were included in all company events and activities and were always welcome to a chit-chat in the kitchen or a game of foosball.

Everyone here is very friendly – the company actually makes a point of hiring people who would get along with each other – and there’s always someone willing to help you without making you feel guilty for disrupting their work. My colleague interns were also very nice and it felt more like spending time with close friends rather than with some strangers whom I had just met.
Obviously, the learning part was the most important and it included basic theory such as testing types or good practices in writing test cases and bug reporting, as well as actual testing of the UI and backend, including API testing and automation.

Last but not least, our mentors were different personalities, but all equally patient and likable and above expectations. Working in a relatively small company is generally advisable for people at the beginning of their career as the focus is on quality rather than quantity and Expert Network fully proves it.

Irina (QA)

 First I want to thank you for this opportunity and for all the good moments that you have given me. This internship has been an extremely rewarding experience. Spending three months under the guidance of people who want to share their knowledge with us and help us to become better QA Engineers is invaluable.

At Expert Network I have made new friends, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things that improved my professional and personal skills and most importantly I have made many beautiful memories.
Simona (QA)

I'm very glad I've had the opportunity to be part of the QA internship here at Expert Network. Throughout these 2 months I've enriched my skills by learning a lot of new and interesting things regarding my position, made new friends, drank a lot of coffee (like really a lot) and overall had a great time. It really made me feel like I was part of something much bigger than I am.

Thank you for the great experience!
Ștefan (QA)

 I have to begin by saying that this internship was one of the best decisions I could've possibly made from several points of view: getting a head start towards my career in the IT industry, improving my professional and personal skills and, most importantly, acquiring new knowledge.

Having no previous working experience in an actual company environment, the newness had seemed rather intimidating at first, before actually starting the internship. But my worries had been all for nothing. Every person I encountered was lovely, the other interns and I instantly bonded, not to mention how tremendously helpful and patient were our mentors, Liviu and Radu. Therefore I am thankful to both of them and the entire Expert Network team.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone who considers applying!
Daria (ASP.NET)

When I first signed up for this internship, I was pretty skeptical regarding the type of things that I would learn. I thought that it would be similar to what I was used to study, which was a lot of theory.

However, this internship has by far exceeded my expectations. I can confidently say that after only 3 months, thanks to my mentors and my colleagues, I have become better in many ways. Besides gaining knowledge regarding web development, I have learned the highly important skill of teamwork and I have also gained the ability to apply the things that I had studied in real-life projects. I have also made many new friends with whom I shared laughs and I’ve made great memories that are sure to last in time.

Overall, this internship was my first step towards an IT career and I am very fortunate to have made it within Expert Network.
Paula (ASP.NET)

The time spent at this internship was like an oasis in the desert made up by academic classes. Not only did I have the chance to enhance my skills as a future programmer and expand the overview I had over the IT field, but I also met some amazing people that I am happy and excited to be working with. The fact that I had a continuous stream of work to do pushed me to adapt, inform and communicate better, skills that I now believe to be crucial in the world of constantly changing technologies. Our mentors, Radu and Liviu, have earned my respect and attention during this period, because they have always been there to support us and teach us the best way of doing things. Nowadays I am part of a great team and I am confident that my opinion on that won’t change anytime soon.
Thank you, Expert Network.
Andrei (ASP.NET)

First of all, this internship was the wonderful experience that helped me plant a tree in the garden of my knowledge. Every module that we studied was very thoroughly elaborated, thanks to our trainers.
Secondly, this internship helped me develop a great relationship with my internship peers and with the other Expert Network employees.

I can conclude by saying that I am very happy and satisfied because through this internship I have become a small part of the EXN team and that makes me feel very proud of myself. Thank you all for your support.
Daniel (ASP.NET)

This internship was, for me, the start of my career. When I first applied, I was really scared and nervous because it would have been my first working experience in a company and I didn't know what to expect and what would happen. However, step by step, I got to improve my programming skills and I also got to make real friends. Everyone was really friendly and the mentors, Liviu and Radu, were always there for me, whenever I needed their help. That's why I can say that I evolved in numerous and diverse ways. I'm really thankful for this opportunity and I am trying, day by day, to give 100 percent and continue to learn.
Rares (ASP.NET)

Being among the 6 interns was more than just an opportunity to grow professionally or to make a first step in my career. For me, the internship cannot be limited to one word. We turned a room full of unknown faces but with the same common purpose, into one with friends, memories and smiles. From a simple group we've grown to become a true part of the EXN family. Thanks for every lesson and every smile!
Diana (ASP.NET)

If you would have asked me a year ago where I was heading, career related, I would have said that I had made a bad decision choosing programming. All I had learnt in college by that time was pure theory, and I just wasn’t feeling that I was cut out for it. However, since I've attended the internship here, at Expert Network, my view on a career in IT has changed dramatically. Not only did we, the interns, learn a lot of new stuff, but we also learnt to put it into practice and to know what to do when we come across a new problem.

On the first day of internship, we came in knowing some basic theoretical notions and we left after three months knowing how to develop a web application, although we still had lots of things to learn every day ever since. Radu and Liviu are, indeed, great mentors, passionate programmers, and, most of all, patient persons that helped us gain the necessary skills to enter the world of web development.

Overall, it was a great experience and I am proud to say that this is the way I’ve started my career. If I were to go back in time, I would certainly do it again.
Emma (ASP.NET)

This internship has given me the great opportunity to learn a lot. Firstly, regarding web development, I had the chance to acquire knowledge by learning from great developers and working in a great team.

Secondly, besides the work, an important thing that this internship has given me was my first contact with an IT company, my first team building and parties with my colleagues.

I also had the chance to meet nice people that helped me whenever I needed their help. I would like to thank Liviu and Radu for the guidance they have given me.

Thank you, Expert Network, for such a wonderful time!
Cristina (ASP.NET)

This Internship was, for me, a very interesting and productive period of time. The memories about this period make me really happy. I met new, open-minded people who changed my approach too.

At Expert Network I have made new friends, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things and, most importantly, I learned what learning really means, how to use my time more effectively at work and in my personal life.

It was a period of my life when I improved my knowledge and had fun at the same time.
Vitalie (ASP.NET)

The internship at Expert Network was amazing. It was my first working experience, and I have learned many things from our mentors, Radu and Liviu. They are really nice guys, everybody likes them. Everyone was very friendly with us and personally, although being an intern, I already felt like one of them. In these 3 months of internship I have made great progress in both personal and professional skills.

In the end I want to say a big 'thank you' to the Expert Network team for this opportunity and for all the good moments and experiences that you have given me.
Gheorghe (ASP.NET)

For me the internship was a real boost for my skills.

At first I didn't know what to expect, I just hoped that I'd learn something useful and different from university area. Liviu and Radu's way of teaching was simple, yet efficient and encouraged thinking freely and teamwork.

From day one, the Expert Network team considered us as part of the family which is really nice, you don't see that everywhere. I couldn't wish for more.
Thank you Expert Network and keep on rockin'!
Lucian (ASP.NET)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you especially for providing me with such an effective way of learning and improving my skills, all done on a high professional level. These 3 months I’ve had the chance to test my skills, face new challenges, but also to have fun. The amazing people that I thought I'd never meet offered me the best possible career start, something that I will never forget.
Thank you Liviu and Radu, my mentors!

Octav (ASP.NET)

What can I say? This summer was wonderful. I really got to enrich and sharpen my skills in the web development field.
And it wasn’t always about work. I have also had fun at the amazing teambuilding events and parties hosted by the company.
Before having this internship, I have also attended FiiPractic trainings lead by Expert Network. At first, I did not completely understand some of the concepts presented there, as they were new to me and the time length of those classes rather short, but this internship helped me get through them.
All in all, I want to thank Expert Network and its people for the guidance they provided me with, and especially to Liviu and Radu, as they were the ones who taught us everything we know today.

Remus (ASP.NET)

To me, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had!
When I applied for this internship I had some basic knowledge, yet after three months with Liviu and Radu's guidance, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things. But knowledge isn't the only thing I gained from this. I have also had the chance to meet wonderful people with great minds. I'm so happy and grateful that I can still see them!
I don't want to be too long or boring so lastly I want to say a big “thank you” to the Expert Network Team for investing time in me this summer!

Larisa (ASP.NET)

Expert Network is one of the major factors that helped me improve not only professionally but also socially. The internship program that I was part of integrated me in the fascinating world of web development and computer science.
I have come to the conclusion that here, at Expert Network, I am not just learning something new, but I am also enriching my education thanks to everybody around me on a daily basis. From my point of view, I will always owe something to my trainers and my team, thanks to the progress I have made since I became an intern.
In the end, they made me one of them, and I am proud to say that I am part of this small, but united team.

Iulian (ASP.NET)

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