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Jump on our cloud and reshape your world.

We're Expert Network, a reliable and enthusiastic team of IT professionals with different backgrounds and a common desire to grow and achieve more. Headquartered in Romania, with an office in Belgium, we've been around for 15 years, gathering ideas, people and technology under the same roof. Today, we stand proud by our digital solutions and products that delight our customers and embody the best of each and every one of our 80+ IT professionals.

Over the years, our mission has been to design and deliver valuable software solutions that drive our partners' success stories. We've gathered quite an extensive expertise in various industries - automotive, media and publishing, HORECA, insurance banking, PropTech/ logistic, retail.

I love what I do and I pursue quality by constantly learning, improving and innovating.

Steady steps towards the sky

If we really want something, we will find a way to accomplish it.

We never stop learning as we are constantly supported by our Academy, our coaches and our Personal Development System.

As a result of our 15-year experience in software development combined with industry best practices and thought leadership, we've created the Bamboo delivery model based on Agile Scrum principles.

We thrive on personal and professional development opportunities, use up-to-date technologies and master challenging projects.

Continuous feedback fuels our personal and professional growth.

We value teamwork, mutual support and commitment.

Work-life integration is important for us, that's why we promote a flexible schedule, working from home and a family-like environment.

Our values guide our steps

Collaboration and trust
Each of us contributes to the team spirit and the fun factor in the company. Our success as a team is much more rewarding and meaningful as we value each other's contribution and feedback.
Passion for what we do
Pursuing quality in everything we do, we are passionate about our work, involved and keen on self-improvement. We support each other's personal and professional growth by attending trainings, workshops and events in our area of expertise.
After 15 years on the market, we believe that where there's a will, there's a way. We're responsible, reliable and always stand behind what we deliver. Seeking excellence in everything we do doesn't prevent us from having fun as well.
Respect and integrity
Our company was built based on respect and integrity for all parties involved. As individuals and professionals, we respect each other, our personal time, hobbies, family life.

What colour is the cloud you're riding on?

PHP Developer
Jump on our PHP cloud and be part of our agile development team, build and work on enterprise-grade software systems on top of LAMP development stack.
.NET Developer
Reshape your world by riding our .NET cloud, build and work on enterprise-grade software systems on top of the Microsoft .NET development stack.
Join the leading tech company where passionate people are empowered to innovate and achieve excellence.