Driving passion
for technology and challenges


For Expert Network, the investment in training young specialists with high potential is part of our strategy of building local value in Iasi and in Romania in general. This has also been a recipe for success for years as many of our colleagues started their career with us and developed through our internal programs.

Our participation at FII Practic, CodeCamp and in internship programs is all meant to meet our common passion for technology and challenges!

Since 2015 Expert Network has played host of six internship programs on ASP.NET and three QA internship programs. 

Interested to participate? Our internship selection process is OPEN now.

In the ASP.NET internship, we are looking for six participants who are eager to learn about .NET technologies. Do you have good knowledge of algorithmics and OOP? Then you have the chance to embark on a 3 month journey and start your career. Apply by September 28th!

Can't wait to meet six aspiring QA engineers to enroll in our QA internship! Are your database knowledge and basic programming skills good enough? Let's test them. After 2 months in our program, you will be ready to be integrated in a project team and contribute to the quality of our software solutions. Apply by October 5th!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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