Some words
from our past interns

The experience was quite interesting and fun. From the beginning I felt the presence of an encouraging and open community, ready to support us through our journey of learning the basics of .NET. The mentors were very helpful, patient and understanding, always ready to provide us with meaningful pieces of advice and examples in order to facilitate our learning process, to help us optimize our code and improve our code-writing skills.

The emphasis was on understanding properly the .NET Core framework and web fundamentals, so the knowledge gained about C#, ASP.NET Core, databases and front-end technologies, like React, were insightful, helping us build a great foundation for our career.

Being my first internship program, it was a great experience that I'm grateful for.

Georgiana (Full Stack .NET)

For me this internship was an opportunity to work with new technologies and to put some of the theoretical knowledge gained in college into practice. I can actually say that in a relatively short period of time I have evolved a lot and I've accumulated a lot of useful knowledge.

In addition, I am glad that I had the chance to spend quality time with kind people, who are passionate about what they do and want to share what they know. I want to thank the mentors and the other organizers for their support, for the answers to all our questions and especially for making us feel like a part of the team.

Paula (Full Stack .NET)

During this internship, I was able to learn a lot of new and interesting stuff and I met many passionate and nice people. This was my first work experience in a company and I’m sure that I will always remember it with a smile on my face. Even though some modules were completely new to me, my colleagues and mentors were patient in explaining how a particular technology works. I’m grateful that I had the chance to be a part of this internship and I would recommend it to any web enthusiast.

Paul (Full Stack .NET)

For me this internship was one of the most beautiful experiences so far and I am very happy to have taken part in the program. During this time I managed to gain a lot of knowledge on both the back-end and the front-end side thanks to the help of the mentors, who showed professionalism by putting me to the test with various challenges which brought out the best in me. Moreover, even if the training sessions took place online, the internship program gave me the chance to meet new people and we managed to spend time together along the way.

In conclusion, it was an unforgettable experience and a great way to start my career in IT.

Alexandru (Full Stack .NET)

Being my first internship program I didn't know exactly what to expect. The QA Engineer role was quite new to me, but only until the internship started and I began to gain more and more knowledge about manual and automated testing. The mentors and everyone else involved along the way delivered the information in a very pleasant manner and whenever I was feeling a little bit stuck or didn't fully understand a particular concept there was always someone there to help me. I'm glad that my first working experience was here, at Expert Network, around such wonderful and skilled people. Now that the internship is over and I realize how much I've evolved I can only say that this program is one of a kind. Last, but not least, I want to thank Expert Network and everyone who was a part of the journey for this amazing opportunity.

Flavian (QA)

Prior to this internship, I didn't think I'd make it in this industry, but here I am today! I'd like to thank everyone for their support during these 3 months. The mentors were amazing, friendly and very helpful. We got to practice what we've learned, which was really useful, and I'm glad we did it. The team was friendly and motivated and I had a good time learning with them. QA wasn't something that I studied during university, so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I always felt attracted to improving and fixing errors in the projects I used to work on, so I chose this over .NET and I don't regret it at all! I thank Expert Network for this experience and I recommend this internship to everyone.

Adam (QA)

When I was selected for the internship program I already knew it's going to be a great experience. I can honestly say that I've learned something new each and every day as an intern and I'm happy that I've chosen this path. Moreover, I was lucky to have really nice colleagues and I've learned a lot from my mentors, who were always there to support me whenever I needed help. The internship program helped me gain more confidence when it comes to my abilities and the manner in which I interact with the people around me, but it also gave me the opportunity to continue to develop within Expert Network afterwards.

Irina (QA)

The internship at Expert Network was one of the best experiences I had up to this point. It helped me gain new skills and develop both professionally and personally. The mentors have always been there to help and guide us and this made it a lot easier for us to learn new things. I am grateful that I've had the opportunity to be a part of the QA internship program, even if it was mostly a full-remote experience, it was a great one.

Gabriela (QA)

This internship was a great learning experience, it made me grasp the mindset of a QA Engineer and understand its role within an Agile team. The mentors are proficient in what they do and they helped me learn not only  the “how”, but also the “why” by engaging in meaningful conversations. Thank you, Expert Network, for this amazing opportunity!

Roxana (QA)

I really wanted to start a career within the IT industry although I didn't have a background that would make my transition easier. Therefore, the internship program was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me for this new professional path. Among the other things that I've appreciated about this internship were the kind mentors who were always there to guide me and the valuable hands-on experience they shared in a friendly manner along the way, which mattered a lot to me.

Alexandra (QA)

For me this internship was the perfect opportunity to learn fresh technologies in a practical way. Being in the second year at the university and a bit bored by how theoretical and impractical the faculty is, this was like a cold shower on a hot summer day. At first the amount of new information might seem overwhelming, but when you see the passion of the mentors and the energy of your colleagues nothing can’t stop you from doing as much as you can and become the best version of yourself.

I’m grateful for taking part in this internship and I want to thank everyone that was involved in it because, even though it was a remote one, it was way above my expectations.

Mihai (ASP.NET)

This internship was a great, extremely enjoyable learning experience, for which I am grateful! I would like to thank the mentors, who raised the standards pretty high, but also guided us patiently and with humor. Most of all, I’ve appreciated their availability and their passion and enthusiasm, which are contagious.

Even if the whole experience was virtual, there was a very welcoming atmosphere!

Diana (ASP.NET)

Overall the experience was extremely cool. The mentors have been very friendly, funny and helpful. I was studying .NET at the university at the same time and if I wasn't part of this internship program I wouldn't have liked this framework at all. Now .NET is my favorite back-end framework (I was a Node.js guy before). I also liked the fact that we did a little bit of front-end as well and the mentors have shown us React.

The internship program left me with the impression that Expert Network is a super modern company, which has a clear plan for each of its employees and one of the best company cultures you can be a part of.

Cosmin (ASP.NET)

This internship improved my knowledge, skills and ability to coordinate with other people. Even though it's just a start and I still have many things to learn, I think that it made me see more clearly what I should practice more and learn from now on, both technically and socially.

All things considered, it was a great experience for learning and also a very good career start and I'm grateful for it!

Mihaela (ASP.NET)

For me the ASP.NET internship at Expert Network felt like a perfect beginning for someone who wants to get started. I've already had some knowledge from the university and from what I've learned on my own, as this was the area in which I wanted to specialize for some time. The trainers were always present when we (the 5 amazing colleagues and I) had questions and they always provided us answers until each of us understood.

There were a lot of times during these 3 and a half months when I was like: "So, this is what professor X was trying to explain during lecture Y" and I understand it now thanks to the mentors' commitment to teach us, together with their practical approach on the subjects.

Based on my experience, as I have done 3 internships before, this was by far the most successful one and I strongly recommend it to people who want to learn about ASP.NET and web development, whether they have some or no knowledge about it. It was an internship in which I felt that the mentors were really trying to teach us and help us make the most out of it.

Ionuț (ASP.NET)

I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in this internship program and I would like to thank all the people that were involved. This internship was the first step into my career and it was amazing. I've learned a lot in a short period of time and I felt like I was part of the Expert Network team. I had really great colleagues and even if this experience happened online, we managed to have a good time together.

Thank you for this wonderful journey!

Ionela (ASP.NET)

I am glad that I've been able to be part of such an internship as the one here, at Expert Network. I'm saying this because I had the chance to learn a lot of things that helped me develop both professionally and personally. I need to say that, aside from the technical part of the internship, I was able to make amazing friends along the way and create great memories. It was nothing like a regular course where you just watch and say 'yes' when you're being asked if you understood. It had a lot of practical parts where we had to apply everything that we knew up to that point and this was, in my opinion, the perfect method to learn new things - by applying them.

Gabriela (QA)

I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the QA internship program here, at Expert Network. This experience helped me understand better what a Quality Assurance Engineer role is all about and what testing actually involves. During these 2 months I had the chance to develop both personally and professionally, to learn a lot of new things and strengthen the knowledge I already had. The 3 mentors, together with the other colleagues who got involved in the program along the way, have always been there for us, ready to jump in and provide us help each and every time we needed it.

Thank you for this great adventure, Expert Network!

Iulian (QA)

The internship at Expert Network was a great learning journey that I thoroughly enjoyed. I definitely liked the program and the experience. Thank you for everything you have done! The company and the team are amazing. Mentors are always there to provide help and support. Now I feel richer because I have met new people and gained a lot of knowledge. What did I like the most about the internship program? The professional and challenging environment, the friendly colleagues and, of course, having mentors that genuinely cared about our growth.

A piece of advice for future interns? Get on board confidently and enjoy the journey along the way. Be ready to embrace the freedom you will get and make the most of all the involvement people show each and every day.

Ion (QA)

Like any young person, I was undecided about what I want to do in the future. Since the curriculum of the Computer Science Faculty does not provide anything related to QA, I thought I should apply for an internship in this field in order to find out what it's all about. I needed to find out if I like this branch more than development. And that's exactly what happened. It's been 3 months during which I've learned a lot of new things about QA. I even learned new things about programming. I met wonderful people that were not there just to help us learn and guide us as teachers, but also as friends. But the most important thing is that I realized I like QA more.

I do not regret that I applied for this internship and I am sure that if I were in the position to apply again, I would do it with pleasure.

Andra (QA)

For me the internship was a great opportunity and I'm delighted and grateful that I've got to experience it. I've learned a lot of new and interesting aspects about QA and it made me adopt a more analytical mindset, which I believe will help me approach the challenges from this field in a more efficient manner. Also, all the information and pieces of advice came from some really nice and fun mentors who patiently offered us all the support we needed.

The bottom line: we gathered all the necessary knowledge and experience to start a QA career and we had fun while doing this as well. For that I'm forever thankful to everyone that made this internship possible!

Vlad (QA)

I was very happy to be given the opportunity of working in an organised environment as part of the QA internship program, where I was able to validate and improve my testing knowledge. The most important challenge I faced was transitioning to automation testing, but the mentors' incredible support made it easy and truly enjoyable. The feedback received progressively along the way helped me gain more confidence in my abilities.

I would like to thank the mentors for their patience and the time invested in my development and to thank Expert Network for the best career start I could have wished for!

Delia (QA)

When I finished college, I was looking forward to starting an internship. I was excited, but little did I know it would be such an amazing episode of my life. It was one of the most challenging and emotionally intense experiences I've ever lived. The mentors really helped me along the way and brought out the best in me. I perceived them as very kind and professional people and I absorbed every bit of information they gave me. I created strong connections with my colleagues. Work time was also bonding time. We grew together in a short amount of time and our small group became stronger. I am very grateful to all the people that gave me the opportunity to engage in this internship. I feel that I have greatly evolved, both professionally and personally. These three months are a milestone in my life and I am very excited for the next one.

Dragoș (ASP.NET)

First of all I would like to mention the fact that I got to learn much more during this internship program than I did all through the university years and I'm thankful for the opportunity I had. With the help of the mentors that had the patience to teach us, not only did I gain new knowledge, but also strengthened previously acknowledged concepts. It's been an extraordinary experience and I certainly recommend this internship.

Cezar (ASP.NET)

My internship story couldn't have started better. Along with 5 amazing colleagues, I begin to explore the captivating information shared with us by some extraordinary mentors. They always knew how to stimulate us in order to learn as much as possible, but, at the same time, to get to know each other better and better and interact like a real team.

The internship program was for sure a vast experience with plenty of theory and a highly practical approach, taking into account that we managed to carefully apply each and every newly acknowledged concept.

If I should summarize everything, I would say that it was great to lose myself within the labyrinth of new knowledge, new people and new experiences. Guided by amazing mentors and wonderful team colleagues is how I got to make the most out of this labyrinth and truly enjoy the overall journey.

Maria (ASP.NET)

The internship program has been an extremely pleasant experience, mostly because of the warm people that have been there for us each step along the way and the fact that I really liked what we have been doing day by day. I have learned lots of new concepts, highly useful, and I strongly believe that this internship turned out as a big step in my career.

Mădălina (ASP.NET)

The internship program has been an extremely efficient start for my career. I`ve learned a lot of new concepts on .NET Core, but also on front-end. With the help of our mentors we got to understand in depth the manner in which a software project is being developed and the way it functions. I got along really well with both colleagues and mentors, I even made new friends, so not only did I earn a lot professionally speaking, but also personally.

Diana (ASP.NET)

I would like to begin by saying THANK YOU to all those nice people that worked so hard during these 2 months of internship. When I first found out about the program I just took a leap of faith and decided to apply. Being a part of it is definitely something I do not regret. My life has just changed, plain and simple. I have learned a lot from shared experiences and knowledge and it has been a great start for the professional career I desire. 

I believe that being an intern was for sure a worthwhile experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn and get a better understanding of what is actually like to be part of an IT company.

Monica (QA)

I’m grateful for the chance of being part of such an amazing experience! Being a QA intern at Expert Network was one of the most enjoyable and meaningful learning adventures. There were two months spent under the guidance of highly skilled, positive and friendly mentors, who have warmly and enthusiastically shared their knowledge with us. Also, the friends we`ve got along the way helped us appreciate the journey even more, as I was fortunate to share this experience with such wonderful and supportive colleagues.

Thank you, Expert Network, for making me a part of this family! This internship helped me grow in every way and made me understand the true value of 'happy testing'!

Irina (QA)

First of all, I would like to thank the entire team that made this learning process possible! Our mentors have been there for us every step of the way, always being thoughtful and helpful. Moreover, I had the chance to share the experience with 5 amazing colleagues that I am happy to call friends now.

Expert Network definitely helps people develop both technically and personally, everyone here being really friendly, always happy to offer the help and support you are in need of. Being able to recommend this internship to other people who seek a QA career makes me feel nothing but proud!

George (QA)

This internship was the very first step in my career and I don't think it could have been better than here, within the Expert Network family. Every day we've learned something new, from the basic theoretical part to API, mobile testing and automation. We had the opportunity to work on one of the biggest projects of Expert Network and that made everything even more exciting. Also, as people here are very friendly and there was always a mentor eager to help us, we felt like a part of the team from day one. And being able to join different company events brought us even closer to the team.

At the end of the program I can only be grateful for the 2 months of knowledge sharing and learning, the opportunity to grow under the guidance of such experienced people and the beautiful moments shared with the colleagues that became my friends along the way.

Maria (QA)

When I got the news that I was accepted I was the happiest! Despite the fact that I didn't know exactly what to expect, I knew for sure that these 2 months are going to be filled with plenty of new things to learn. The internship here was about strengthening what we already knew, gaining new knowledge, meeting new people and feeling what it's like to be part of a team. It showed us what being a QA Engineer actually means and what real working days look like. Besides, everyone was friendly and I have always received the help I needed.

I'm so glad I got to be a part of it and to prove myself that I can do it. It was for sure an experience that has helped me grow professionally. Thank you for this chance, Expert Network!

Alexandra (QA)

First of all I want to thank those responsible for the opportunity to be a part of this internship.
When I got accepted I couldn't believe it because I didn't have any previous working experience and as such I didn't feel confident enough in my knowledge.
During the internship I got to meet some really nice people and to improve both my soft and technical skills.

I personally enjoyed it so much I wish it lasted longer.
Alexandru (ASP.NET)

 The Internship was really great, especially the fact that I have learned a lot of new things in terms of .NET. The mentors have been focusing a lot on making sure we understand properly how to work with MVC regarding .NET Core. We equally developed our soft and technical skills.

Overall, it was a highly interesting experience, taking into account that we met new people who were always there to help us when needed.
Bogdan (ASP.NET)

Last year I was just trying to discover my path and I feel that at Expert Network I have found it. I've been through multiple internships before, while trying to find out what suits me best, and Expert Network got me.
This is the place I decided to start my full time career.
It was quite an experience since I started the internship. I enjoyed every moment of it and I'll tell you why: you get to laugh and learn and I didn't know before that these could go pretty well altogether.
I had the chance to meet great people here, highly skilled, that gladly shared their experience with us and from whom I continuously have a lot to learn.

Did I mention that we had a pretty big team of mentors just for us? Personal development is a value and it is encouraged here!
Raluca (ASP.NET)

During the internship, I have developed on every area that I have planned to from the beginning. So, I consider that Expert Network is a good place to start from scratch.
Cosmin (ASP.NET)

 It was an interesting experience! Starting from a group of complete strangers, we managed to create an united team. Seriousness and trust are the words that can describe the internship journey, our mentors being highly experienced people, both from technical and soft skills points of view.

I have learned quite a lot and I believe I am ready to continue the adventure.

 The internship experience was definitely a unique one. I have improved the skills required in terms of software development. I had amazing colleagues who have helped me and have given me the chance to learn a lot. The trainers have been understanding and patient, explaining a lot of concepts, both basic and advanced. Positive and relaxed ambience. 
Alexandru (ASP.NET)

The internship definitely helped me understand more about QA and what a software tester position involves. I had the opportunity to practice my knowledge and to learn a lot of new things while working on a big project.
The colleagues and mentors were friendly and provided explanations each time something was wrong or I was not understanding particular aspects. I'm glad that I took part in the internship and I certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a solid start for a future QA career.

Andreea (QA)

As others have already pointed out, being an intern at Expert Network has all the benefits of full-time employment – besides the learning experience, we were included in all company events and activities and were always welcome to a chit-chat in the kitchen or a game of foosball.

Everyone here is very friendly – the company actually makes a point of hiring people who would get along with each other – and there’s always someone willing to help you without making you feel guilty for disrupting their work. My colleague interns were also very nice and it felt more like spending time with close friends rather than with some strangers whom I had just met.
Obviously, the learning part was the most important and it included basic theory such as testing types or good practices in writing test cases and bug reporting, as well as actual testing of the UI and backend, including API testing and automation.

Last but not least, our mentors were different personalities, but all equally patient and likable and above expectations. Working in a relatively small company is generally advisable for people at the beginning of their career as the focus is on quality rather than quantity and Expert Network fully proves it.

Irina (QA)

 First I want to thank you for this opportunity and for all the good moments that you have given me. This internship has been an extremely rewarding experience. Spending three months under the guidance of people who want to share their knowledge with us and help us to become better QA Engineers is invaluable.

At Expert Network I have made new friends, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things that improved my professional and personal skills and most importantly I have made many beautiful memories.
Simona (QA)

I'm very glad I've had the opportunity to be part of the QA internship here at Expert Network. Throughout these 2 months I've enriched my skills by learning a lot of new and interesting things regarding my position, made new friends, drank a lot of coffee (like really a lot) and overall had a great time. It really made me feel like I was part of something much bigger than I am.

Thank you for the great experience!
Ștefan (QA)

 I have to begin by saying that this internship was one of the best decisions I could've possibly made from several points of view: getting a head start towards my career in the IT industry, improving my professional and personal skills and, most importantly, acquiring new knowledge.

Having no previous working experience in an actual company environment, the newness had seemed rather intimidating at first, before actually starting the internship. But my worries had been all for nothing. Every person I encountered was lovely, the other interns and I instantly bonded, not to mention how tremendously helpful and patient were our mentors, Liviu and Radu. Therefore I am thankful to both of them and the entire Expert Network team.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone who considers applying!
Daria (ASP.NET)

When I first signed up for this internship, I was pretty skeptical regarding the type of things that I would learn. I thought that it would be similar to what I was used to study, which was a lot of theory.

However, this internship has by far exceeded my expectations. I can confidently say that after only 3 months, thanks to my mentors and my colleagues, I have become better in many ways. Besides gaining knowledge regarding web development, I have learned the highly important skill of teamwork and I have also gained the ability to apply the things that I had studied in real-life projects. I have also made many new friends with whom I shared laughs and I’ve made great memories that are sure to last in time.

Overall, this internship was my first step towards an IT career and I am very fortunate to have made it within Expert Network.
Paula (ASP.NET)

The time spent at this internship was like an oasis in the desert made up by academic classes. Not only did I have the chance to enhance my skills as a future programmer and expand the overview I had over the IT field, but I also met some amazing people that I am happy and excited to be working with. The fact that I had a continuous stream of work to do pushed me to adapt, inform and communicate better, skills that I now believe to be crucial in the world of constantly changing technologies. Our mentors, Radu and Liviu, have earned my respect and attention during this period, because they have always been there to support us and teach us the best way of doing things. Nowadays I am part of a great team and I am confident that my opinion on that won’t change anytime soon.
Thank you, Expert Network.
Andrei (ASP.NET)

First of all, this internship was the wonderful experience that helped me plant a tree in the garden of my knowledge. Every module that we studied was very thoroughly elaborated, thanks to our trainers.
Secondly, this internship helped me develop a great relationship with my internship peers and with the other Expert Network employees.

I can conclude by saying that I am very happy and satisfied because through this internship I have become a small part of the EXN team and that makes me feel very proud of myself. Thank you all for your support.
Daniel (ASP.NET)

This internship was, for me, the start of my career. When I first applied, I was really scared and nervous because it would have been my first working experience in a company and I didn't know what to expect and what would happen. However, step by step, I got to improve my programming skills and I also got to make real friends. Everyone was really friendly and the mentors, Liviu and Radu, were always there for me, whenever I needed their help. That's why I can say that I evolved in numerous and diverse ways. I'm really thankful for this opportunity and I am trying, day by day, to give 100 percent and continue to learn.
Rares (ASP.NET)

Being among the 6 interns was more than just an opportunity to grow professionally or to make a first step in my career. For me, the internship cannot be limited to one word. We turned a room full of unknown faces but with the same common purpose, into one with friends, memories and smiles. From a simple group we've grown to become a true part of the EXN family. Thanks for every lesson and every smile!
Diana (ASP.NET)

If you would have asked me a year ago where I was heading, career related, I would have said that I had made a bad decision choosing programming. All I had learnt in college by that time was pure theory, and I just wasn’t feeling that I was cut out for it. However, since I've attended the internship here, at Expert Network, my view on a career in IT has changed dramatically. Not only did we, the interns, learn a lot of new stuff, but we also learnt to put it into practice and to know what to do when we come across a new problem.

On the first day of internship, we came in knowing some basic theoretical notions and we left after three months knowing how to develop a web application, although we still had lots of things to learn every day ever since. Radu and Liviu are, indeed, great mentors, passionate programmers, and, most of all, patient persons that helped us gain the necessary skills to enter the world of web development.

Overall, it was a great experience and I am proud to say that this is the way I’ve started my career. If I were to go back in time, I would certainly do it again.
Emma (ASP.NET)

This internship has given me the great opportunity to learn a lot. Firstly, regarding web development, I had the chance to acquire knowledge by learning from great developers and working in a great team.

Secondly, besides the work, an important thing that this internship has given me was my first contact with an IT company, my first team building and parties with my colleagues.

I also had the chance to meet nice people that helped me whenever I needed their help. I would like to thank Liviu and Radu for the guidance they have given me.

Thank you, Expert Network, for such a wonderful time!
Cristina (ASP.NET)

This Internship was, for me, a very interesting and productive period of time. The memories about this period make me really happy. I met new, open-minded people who changed my approach too.

At Expert Network I have made new friends, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things and, most importantly, I learned what learning really means, how to use my time more effectively at work and in my personal life.

It was a period of my life when I improved my knowledge and had fun at the same time.
Vitalie (ASP.NET)

The internship at Expert Network was amazing. It was my first working experience, and I have learned many things from our mentors, Radu and Liviu. They are really nice guys, everybody likes them. Everyone was very friendly with us and personally, although being an intern, I already felt like one of them. In these 3 months of internship I have made great progress in both personal and professional skills.

In the end I want to say a big 'thank you' to the Expert Network team for this opportunity and for all the good moments and experiences that you have given me.
Gheorghe (ASP.NET)

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